Our Story

Let me guess, you're on the go, making it happen for you and your family, and your life is full. Your days are filled with endless tasks, often forcing your hair care routine to take a backseat. I get it, that was me before the Kena Wrap.

For years my family would experiment with different bonnets and scarves, but they weren't quite what we were looking for; a quality product that was able to protect our curly, kinky, and straight hair, without falling off while we slept.

One night I fell asleep determined to create something that worked. I woke up the next morning and never looked back! I continued to brainstorm tirelessly on how to bring my idea into fruition. What began as a series of hand-drawn sketches evolved into a full utility patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

I have included my daughters in every aspect of this journey. From sourcing fabric to creating this very website; we do it together. 

We prioritize fit and quality in our design process. Our team has dedicated extensive effort to create the most versatile and comfortable hair wrap on the market. Through meticulous research, trial and error, and listening to our clients, we have achieved a product that exceeds expectations.

As a women-owned, minority-owned, and multi-generational small business, the name Kena Wrap embodies the essence of our boutique and its commitment to inclusivity.